"Spoke" Design -- Metal Handles - Two Piece Set

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Adding to the "Half-Moon" Metal semi-circle Handles family. we have added a newer design with little spokes coming off the sides of the handle.

As with our other half-moon handles, these use a coordinating faux leather or leather tube to be inserted in the top handle channel.  This allows for you to coordinate your handles with your bag exterior or add a bold and/or fun contrasting colour.  They are relatively easy to use and will provide you with a professional, finished look to your bag due to the smooth glossiness of the handles along with their modern geometric shape.

These handles have many applications and can be used on tote bags, handbags and clutches.  They can be installed along the top edge of your bag using rectangle handle tabs or place further down using fun semi-circle connectors.

These are relatively easy to install... and no cutting of your gorgeous handbag creation is required.  Simply decide handle placement and connector or handle tab shape. Then wrap around the thin metal bar and sew onto your bag.  Customize with some rolled handle tubes and fit into the tube channel and secure with the two long screws.

They are perfect for a small to large sized bag or tote. 

These handles are considered to be a light to heavy-weight application, but you need to reinforce your handle tabs if installing on a large bag.  It is recommended that you use a non-stretch fabric, bontex/interfacing or webbing inside your handle connector to minimize stretching of the handle.   

The "spoke" design are currently only available in Light Gold.

Sold in sets of two.  You will receive two metal handles with four long screws to secure the handle inserts.

Please follow these Installation Instructions for the Handle Inserts:

  • Handle Insert PDF Tutorial is available free with purchase of the handles.  PDF Download links to the tutorial will be emailed once Half-Moon Handles are shipped/fulfilled.
  • Handle Inserts use tubing or leather cording that has a maximum outer width of 1/4".  We use Polyethylene tubing for ours. 
  • Please note: It is recommended that HT2 Guttermann glue or similar adhesive be used to ensure added adhesion of the corded tubing to the channel handle.  Simply squeeze some glue into the channel prior to inserting the tubing into the frame.  Take care not to use too much to cause the glue to ooze out around the screw holes or out of the sides of the channel.