"Slightly - Less than Perfect" -- Rectangle "Latch" Lock

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These "Slightly - Less than Perfect" -- Rectangle "Latch" Locks are a throw back to latches you would find on a door or gate... so retro and makes for a very interesting and totally unique addition to your bag.

Well made with a glossy finish, these locks have a "gate" mechanism which slides back forth into a "bridge"  The pin when slid down into the notch locks the gate into place.

A beautiful addition to a modern and stylish satchel bag or clutch.  These work best when installed with a flap shape as shown on the bag below.


Please Note:  This listing is for Rectangle "Latch" Locks that are high quality but are not perfect.  These have minor blemishes, abrasions or light scratches, which is why they are marked for immediate sale.  There are limited quantities of this item.

These are a Final Sale item and have been priced accordingly.  They cannot be returned as "defective".



Currently only available in Glossy Nickel.

Installation:  Each lock includes a "Latch" mechanism with backplate and 1 Arch Bridge piece. 

The Arch Bridge piece is installed with 2 screws and a plated backplate that when installed is exposed on the underside of your flap. 

The "Latch" mechanism is installed with 4 screws and 1 full washer for the lock base.


Total Lock Dimensions Including Bridge:  24mm wide x 75mm long x 15mm high (~1" x ~3" x ~5/8")
Lock Base Dimensions: 24mm wide x 48mm long x 5mm high (~1" x ~2" x 5/16")
Flap Accommodation Thickness: 5mm  (1/8")