Semi-Circle Grommet Handles - Metal Alloy

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Finish: Glossy Nickel
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These gorgeous and unique Semi-Circle Metal Grommet Handles have a distinct semi-circle design and are a great size.  

**  Replenishments in both the Glossy Nickel and Glossy Gun Metal are expected to arrive by May24th, 2024.

Their smooth and sleek luxury finish will definitely provide a professional appearance for your handbag or clutch.  They smooth inner top-bar provides a comfortable grip in your hand unlike other similiar shaped designs and the glossy finish provides a lustrous shine.

These grommet handles are different than most other styles as the handle sits on the top edge of your bag.  It is highly suggested to reinforce the area where the handle is to be installed with Peltex or a firm stabilizer to provide a reinforced area for the handle, as it will be bearing the weight of the bag and its contents. 

Important Info:  These handles are sold in a set of two handles (one pair) and are installed with 12 included screws.  Each handle weighs approximately 140g with the two handle set being ~280g (9.5oz).  These handles also have tiny teeth on the backplate to "grab" a hold of the bag substrate which also provides added security to prevent the bag from separating from the handle. 

Please also use glue that bonds metal to fabric, vinyl or leather, such as HT2 Guttermann or E6000 to ensure that the metal adheres to your fabric or leather for a stronger hold.


Please Note:

The back of these handles have raised screws which will scratch and/or gouge the smooth front surface if stored incorrectly. 
These must be packaged and stored in the manner in which they were sent.  The Smooth Side facing outwards and the backside of the handles back to back with its matching pair so that the screws are facing each other.

Installation Instructions:  This handle will require a semi-circle to be cut out from the center of the bag much like you would install a grommet.  It is advised to leave the poly-film on your hardware front to prevent scratching.

  • Remove the back plate of the handle along with the screws.  You will be using the backplate inner edge as your hole guide.
  • Rest the top edges of the backplate along the the top edge of your bag.  Be sure to center the template with the center of your bag.
  • Once placement has been decided, trace the inner semi-circle shape onto your bag exterior and mark your screw holes.  
  • Carefully cut out the semi-circle shape with scissors and make your screw holes using a punch or awl.  You will want to double check the "fit" of the handle in case you need to snip a little extra away from the inner cutting of your bag, and to ensure that the screw holes and posts line up. Make adjustments as required.
  • Once satisfied with the "fit", apply Fray Check or something similiar to seal your fabric edges to prevent tiny fibers from poking out of the grommet handle edges.
  • If using glue, cover the back of the grommet handle channels with adhesive and put into place on the front of your bag.  Make sure that any stray fibers are tucked away inside the handle and not hanging out beyond the metal channel.  Then apply adhesive to the back of the backplate, and place on the inside of your bag, while matching up all screw holes and inner channel.
  • Re-install the screws.  You may also want to add an adhesive to the screw hole prior to replacing the screws.  Loc-Tite or another adhesive such as E6000 works well.


Dimensions (Approximate):
Outside Dimensions: 150mm wide x 70mm high (6" wide x 3" high)
Inner Dimensions:  100mm wide x 55mm high (4" long x 2.25" high)