"Round Flip and Twist" Lock - Small Size

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These "Round Flip and Twist" Locks are truly unique in their shape and design.

Meant to be installed along your bag edge, these locks have a "cover" that flips down and exposes the twist lock mechanism.   The cover acts as a deterent and provides a smooth clean line to your bag flap.

This lock is perfect for bag flaps, wallets and clutch closures, and will accomodate a flap thickness of ~3mm(7/64").

Only available in Light Gold plating.

Installation:  Each lock includes two washers and two screws for easy installation.

Lock Dimensions: 
Outer Dimensions:  ~34mm (1 13/32") wide x ~34mm (1 13/32") high
Height Dimensions:  Stands 16.5mm (21/32") high
Thickness Accomodation:  ~3mm (7/64")