Rectangular Metal Handle Bar - 177mm long x 21mm wide - Set of Two

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Another style of shiny, Rectangular Handle Bars that are a unique option for attaching your bag handles. The glossy finish and sleek, flat surface definitely add to their appeal. Whether you use one or two of these unique bars on your handbag, they are sure to dress up any bag with their unique style.

These bars are more pliable and can slightly bent to accomodate a rounded bag shape if desired. They are used in conjunction with 20mm - 22mm d-rings, o-rings or rectangular rings. The provided grommet holes allow for a ring to be threaded through the bag with straps, which are then secured to the exterior of the bag and hidden under the bar. The bar is then secured to the bag exterior using the two prongs on the back of the bar.

** Note: The picture of bag below is only meant to convey how these could be installed and how they would look on a bag. These bars do not have the metal ring holders located in the grommet holes.

These are a little tricky to install and require two small slits to be made on the bag exterior to allow the ring straps to be threaded from the bag interior to the bag exterior. The slits should be reinforced using a stiff interfacing and a row of stitches to secure the strap to the bag and prevent the hole from sagging or pushing through the grommet hole. It is recommended that 

Bar Dimensions: 177mm long x 21mm high
Inner Grommet Hole Dimensions: 22mm x 5mm


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