Oval Swivel Metal Clip Connector - Set of Two

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These unique "Oval Swivel Metal Clip Connectors" are the perfect addition for key fobs and small pouches.  Eye catching and sturdy, these are very different than your traditional pronged fobs.

With an integrated 360* swivel cord channel, these can be paired with leather cord, slim flat strap or a funky chain.  The open sides of the clip connector/fob allows for the strap or pouch edge to slide right in which allows for more installation possibilities than other styles.  They can also accommodate a strap or pouch with a 3.5mm (~1/8") thickness. 

Sold in sets of two, meaning you will receive two clips with four matching screws.

Currently only available in a Glossy Nickel finish.

**Note:  These are not intended to be used as Strap or Handbag Connectors; please test weight capabilities prior to using them on heavy bags or pouches.  


Clip Channel Length:  24.9mm long (~1")
Total Clip Dimensions height: 24.5mm  high (~1")
Clip Channel Thickness Accommodation: 3.5mm (~1/8")
360* Swivel Cord Channel: 4.5mm wide (~3/16")


Installation:  Each piece is easily installed using two screws.  Slide your clip over the fold or seam to install, and use an awl or piercing tool, to make a divet in your bag fold.  Then install the pointed screws.  The screws are sturdy and sharp enough to be able to install without actually making a large punch hole.