CLEARANCE -- Oval Grommet with Strap Anchor - Pkg of Four

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Plating: Glossy Nickel
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These glossy Oval Grommets differ from other grommets as they have a built-in Strap Anchor Rivet which is used to attach your handbag handles to the bag exterior.  They provide a modern luxurious look and are perfect for medium sized handbags.

Once installed on the handbag handle, these sleek grommets allow for the handle to easily move up and down the length of the grommet inner length.  The built in rivet anchor is threaded through the grommet hole and attached to the bag exterior using a large flat headed screw.   

 Sold in a set of four grommets and four strap anchor rivets.

Installation:  Each grommet piece is easily installed on your handle ends using two screws.  The grommets are installed as per most screw grommets.  Once you have determined your handle placement on your bag exterior, it is recommended to install the Strap Anchor Rivet 25mm (or 1 inch) below the bag top edge.  Mark the desired placement of the anchor rivet, punch a hole and insert the flat 10mm screw so that the post is pointing out from the bag interior towards the exterior .  Place your anchor rivet through the grommet hole and screw the anchor rivet to the bag exterior.

Inner Grommet Dimensions: 5mm wide x 34mm long
Outer Dimensions: 18.5mm wide x 50mm long
Grommet will accommodate a strap thickness of 2.0 - 2.5mm.