Trapezoid Edge Trim/Luggage Fob -- Set of Two

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Trapezoid Edge Frame/Trim ... we have got you covered (literally)!  

These lightweight trim pieces are smooth and sleek, and are a versatile product.  

These unique short trapezoid shaped edges are a perfect length as they will work well for a wallet and clutch, as well as on a large outside bag pocket.  At 69mm long with a deep 4mm wide channel, they will accommodate faux leather, vinyl or leather, or any substrate with a thicker seam.  

They are easy to install and typically can just be slid onto your project edge with minimal effort! 

While these edge frames are typically used on wallets and pocket edges, these can also be used as luggage/bag tag fobs, due to the small oval hole at the top.

To use as a bag tag fob, mark the oval hole on your tag and then cut the hole out.  Use chain or a narrow strap to attach to your bag or luggage.


 Sold in sets of two.   Available only in Light Gold at the moment.


Installation:  Each edge frame/trim piece is easily installed using three screws.  They just slide on and in some circumstances, may require the flat edge of a screw or knife to flatten the bag or wallet edge to wiggle the edge trim on where the edge is a higher profile.  

It is highly recommended that a clear fabric glue or leather adhesive be applied to the bottom of the channel to maximize grip strength.  Just squeeze a small amount into the channel bottom and a little up each side of the channel before installing on your bag.  Don't put too much or the glue will ooze out onto your bag! Then using a tiny screwdriver, install the screws.  


Trim/Fob Size:      69mm long x 15mm deep x 4mm high (2 3/4" x 5/8" x 1/8")
(Accommodates a bag thickness of 4mm)