"Exclamation!!" -- Top Strap Connectors - Set of Four

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These "Exclamation!! -- " Top Strap Connectors are very unusual and are perfect for that fun and unique project.  

Finished with a glossy epoxy center, the connector is fully plated and produced in a die cast mold, resulting in sturdy product.  The rivet also has the same matching epoxy center.  

These are strap connectors that attach along the top edge of a finish bag.  A narrow 11mm (3/8")  thick strap is then inserted into the top hole and is then secured using two tapping screws.  The round rivet is then installed just below the strap connector to give the appearance of an exclamation point!

Connector also has little grip teeth to provide added security.

These strap connectors will accommodate a strap width of 11mm (3/8").  It is recommended that straps be either leather or vinyl.  They will also accomodate a bag thickness of 4mm (~3/16")

Available in Chrome finish only.

Sold as a set of four, meaning you will receive four connectors, four round rivets, full-size washers and 12 screws.



Outer Dimensions: 40mm (1 1/2") long x 10mm (3/8") wide x 13mm (1/2) at it thickest width
Inner Strap Hole Dimensions: 11mm (3/8") wide x 5mm (~3/16") deep


Installation Instructions:

  • Tips and Hints:   You may also want to apply an adhesive such as Fabric Tac or Ht2 Guttermann Textile glue for extra bonding strength.  Just dab a small amount along the front hardware plate prior to installing.  It is also recommened that LocTite or glue to be used in the screw holes to ensure a permanent hold.