Curvy "U" Shaped Strap Edge Trim/Accessory -Set of Four

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Curvy U-Shaped Edge trim/accessory for your handbag straps. Trim is installed on your bag exterior with the strap enclosed within it. Strap must be secured to bag by other means (ie, strap must be sewn to bag exterior or riveted). 

Each piece is installed using four washers and four screws for easy installation. Strap width must be no larger than the top width measurement of the "U" edge trim for it to enclose the strap properly.

Sold in sets of four, meaning you will receive four edge trims, 16 screws and 16 washers.

Inner Dimensions: 18mm x 46mm
Outer Dimensions: top width (31mm), bottom width 42.5mm x 61.5mm length

Glossy Nickel - Model (SA-GN-0003)