Crescent Moon - Twist Lock

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Finish: Glossy Nickel
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These Crescent Moon - Twist Locks have a round minimalist appearance and are very high quality sturdy locks.  And definitely add a modern touch to your handbag.

With an crescent twist component and smooth flat surface lock face, these medium size locks could be used alone or paired with other smooth top accessories for a polished appearance on your bag, clutch or backpack.

They also have little sharp teeth on the underside of the Lock grommet cap so that when they are installed, they pierce and grab your fabric or leather for added security.

Available in Glossy Nickel and Pale Light Gold finishes we carry two styles... Nickel with a pronged back and Light Gold with a full plated washer.



Each Glossy Nickel lock includes two washers for easy installation.
Each Pale Light Gold has a full round plated washer back and four matching screws.

Lock Dimensions: 
Lock Size:  40mm wide x 40mm long (~1 1/2")
Thickness Accomodation:  3mm (~1/8")