Chain Anchor Drop Connectors - Glossy Nickel - Set of Two or Four

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These all-in-one Chain Anchor Drop Connectors are the epitome of luxury handbag hardware and are currently only available here at "bringberry".

From the rounded cast D-Ring to the quality Oval Flat Cast Chain to the shiny Drop Connector, they are gorgeous, heavy duty and luxury rolled into one.

Each chain strap connector comes fully assembled and ready to install along your bag exterior or pocket top edge using the included three screws.  When used as a set of four, these high-quality strap connectors will take a very heavy weight (up to 30 lbs) and will likely outlast the bag they are installed on.  The D-Ring will accommodate a 20mm or 3/4 inch strap width.

Available in sets of two or four.

Available in Glossy Nickel finish only at this time.


Product Dimensions:
Total Connector Length and width:  123mm long x 28.5mm wide (4 7/8" x 1 1/8")
D-ring Inner Dimensions:  20mm wide x 15mm high (7/8" x 5/8")


Installation Instructions:

  • i) disassemble the connector by removing the screws from the back plate
  • ii) using the back connector plate as a template, mark the three screw hole placements on your bag edge exterior. 
  • iii) carefully cut or punch out your screw holes.
  • vi) place the front plate of the connector with the chain hook along the top bag exterior, being sure to match up the screw holes. Then replace the back plate on the bag interior, matching the screw holes with the front plate and then install the screws. 
  • Tips and Hints:  
    • Use fray check along the edges of your cut holes with fabric bag exteriors.  This will keep stray threads from poking out of the back of your connector and along the inner sides of the hardware.  
    • You may also want to apply an adhesive such as Fabric Tac or Ht2 Guttermann Textile glue for extra bonding strength.  Just dab a small amount along the front hardware plate and edge channels being careful to avoid having it ooze out the sides when the hardware has been completely installed.
    • You may also want to use LocTite in your screw posts to ensure the screws do not work their way loose.