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  • "A" Shaped Strap Connectors
  • "A" Shaped Strap Connectors
  • "A" Shaped Strap Connectors
  • "A" Shaped Strap Connectors
  • "A" Shaped Strap Connectors

"A" Shaped Strap Connectors

"A" Shaped Strap Connectors

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These "A" Shaped Strap Connectors are used for attaching handbag straps to the bag exterior along the top edge of your bag.

Each piece is attached to the bag top edge using four screws. Installation of this connector is similar to the process followed when marking and cutting/punching holes to install a grommet. The strap can then be connected to the connector using a snap hook, o'ring, snap gate ring or grommets on the strap.

Inner Dimensions: 6mm x 21.5mm
Outer Dimensions: 24.5mm x 34.5mm
Bag Thickness accommodation: 4mm

Glossy Nickel: Model (SC-GN-0001)


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To install the connector:

  • i) disassemble the connector by removing the screws from the back plate
  • ii) using the back connector plate as a template, mark the notches that must be cut out from the bag top edge. These notch marks must match the connector inner dimensions of 6mm wide by 21.5mm long.
  • iii) using the back connector plate, mark the screw hole placements. Then using the front plate, mark notches to accommodate the placement of the post holder.
  • iv) cut out the marked "notches" and ensure that they are the exact size of the connector inner dimensions (6mm x 21.5mm). Then punch/poke out the screw holes and cut out the post holder notches..
  • v) if using a solid ring with your strap, remove the long narrow post from the middle section, place the post in the ring and replace the post with the ring back in the middle section of the connector. See Diagram vi for a close up pic of how the ring looks once installed.
  • vi) place the front plate with the ring/post on the bag exterior, being sure to match the notches, post position and screw holes. Then replace the back plate on the bag interior, matching the screw holes with the front plate and then install the screws. Now you are done!!


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