#5 Metal Two-Way Zipper Tape - Aluminum Composite Rainbow

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#5 Metal Zipper Tape with Aluminum Rainbow Iridescent Teeth.

These unique multicolored zippers will add style and pizzazz to your projects! 

This Two-Way Zipper Tape are dyed high-grade Aluminum Composite teeth and are available only in a Variegated pattern.  This means that the zipper tape contains teeth colours that are randomly selected when made.

Variegated - this style has teeth that are in the Pastel range of colours and are thoroughly dyed, including on the cross section.   They are dual zippers which means the colour is shown on both sides.   


Currenty only available with Black Tape. 

These work perfectly and look great with our two Rainbow Styled Sliders and/or our Glossy Nickel Sliders.  You can find our gorgeous Style F and Style G Rainbow Sliders here in our Rainbow Collection:  Click here.


32mm zipper tape width (or 1.25")
#5 Teeth / 5mm Teeth

Price is per yard (36 inches) and can be purchased in continuous lengths.

Note: These are Rainbow coloured Aluminum composite "Corn" Teeth which 
are "dyed" not "plated". This means that over time, the colour will gradually dull and reveal the silver teeth underneath with extended repeated usage.  Do not clean with harsh chemicals as this will cause the teeth to discolour.