Stretch "U" Strap Connectors - Pkg of Four

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These Stretch "U" Strap Connectors are a definite focal point for your bag, and look great on a slouchy or structured design.  Their elongated "U" design with corrugated middle texture give them a slightly industrial look without being overpowering.  The attached strap ring can accommodate a 23mm (7/8") strap width and allows for various strap style installations.

Installation:  These screw connectors are easily installed on your bag front or gusset exterior using the included washers and four screws per connector.

Total Length (including Ring): 94mm long x 29mm at the widest point (3 5/8" x 1 3/16")
Connector Height:  7mm (1/4")
Strap Ring (Inner Width): 23mm (7/8")

These are sold as a set of 4 Strap Connectors.