"Barrel o' Monkeys" - Minimalist Connectors - 4 Pack

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Sorry!  No Monkeys are included with these Half Barrel Minimalist Connectors but we thought the name was cute!

We have added yet another style to our popular Minimalist Rings, but these are a bit different.  These heavy duty solid minimalist rings have a large removeable "Barrel" component; they are not threaded through the ring like the other minimalist styles.  The large barrel of the strap connector is slotted on both sides to allow it to sit seamlessly on top of the bottom rung of the rectangle ring. 

Made with a glossy luxury finish, they have a solid cast thick rectangle ring which has a full range of motion thanks to the large round barrel connecor.  The rings are 6mm thick and will accommodate a handbag handle with a 20mm (3/4") inner width.  They are very well made and heavy duty.

These are currently available only in the Glossy Nickel finish and are sold in packages of four connectors. 


Installation:  These are very easy to install.  Simply rub tailor's chalk over the screw holes.  Then mark the holes on your bag by pressing the barrelconnector onto the bag exterior.  Then punch your holes and screw the washer into place from the inside of your bag using the included screws.


Inner Ring Dimensions:  20mm wide x 10mm high x 6mm thick (1" wide x 3/8" high  x 1/4" thick)
Outer Ring Dimension:  30mm wide x 25mm high x 19mm deep (~1 1/4" wide x 1" high x 3/4" deep)