CLEARANCE --- "A" Shaped Strap Connectors - Set of Four

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Finish: Glossy Nickel
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These gorgeous multi-purpose "A" Shaped Strap Connectors can be used in a couple of different ways. 

One use is to attach your handbag straps to the bag exterior along the top edge of your bag.

Or they can be used as a strap end that connects to your bag with a spring gate ring and grommet.  The strap width recommended to be used with this "strap end" connector is 7/8".

Each piece can be attached to the bag top edge or to your strap using four screws. Installation of this connector is similar to the process followed when marking and cutting/punching holes to install a grommet. The strap can then be connected to the connector using a snap hook, o'ring, snap gate ring or grommets on the strap.

Sold in sets of four, meaning you will receive four connectors and 16 installation screws.

Also available in an Integrated Chain Strap Connector sets available here.

Inner Dimensions: 6mm x 21.5mm
Outer Dimensions: 24.5mm x 34.5mm
Bag or Strap Thickness accommodation: 4mm



Installation Instructions:
  • Click here for our Installation Tutorial outlining step-by-step instructions and illustrations to install this hardware. 

  • Tips and Hints:  Use fray check along the edges of your cut holes and notches with fabric bag exteriors.  This will keep stray threads from poking out of the back of your connector and along the inner sides of the hardware.  You may also want to apply an adhesive such as Fabric Tac or Ht2 Guttermann Textile glue for extra bonding strength.  Just dab a small amount along the front hardware plate and edge channels being careful to avoid having it ooze out the sides when the hardware has been completely installed.


Psst ... Need some inspiration using this hardware?  Check out our Pinterest Feed below!!