Large Trigger Cord Ends - 18mm Inner Width

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Finish: Glossy Nickel
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These larger bell shaped Trigger Cord Ends are very versatile and well made. 

They can be used as Tassel Holders to be clipped onto Handbag Rings, Bridges or a Tassel Plate for a decorative element..  OR... they can be paired with corded/rolled handles and bridges to be used as handbag straps.  The larger bell diameter will produce a thicker tassel or accomodate a larger corded strap handle.  

Either way, they are sure to be a unique addition to any handbag.

Installation:  Each piece is easily installed using two long thin screws.  Strong glue or permanent adhesive is highly suggested to be used in conjunction with the screws.  Simply squeeze a small amount of glue into the bell shape end opposite to the screw holes, and insert your handle end or tassel.  Gently turn the handle/tassel inside the bell, making sure not to force glue out of the screw holes. Then install screws.  

Outer Cord End Dimensions:  53mm long x 23mm wide (at the base) 
Inner Bell Dimensions:  18.3mm
Hook Opening:  6mm


Glossy Nickel Plating - Model (CE-GN-0003)
Warm Light Gold Plating - Model (CE-WG-0003)