"Oblong" Snap Hooks - Large Size with 18mm Inner Width

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These large Oblong Snap Hooks have a gorgeous, lustrous polish finish that is smooth and sleek.  Quite elegant looking!

Whether paired with a bridge connector, d-ring or just used alone with a strap, these super glossy hooks will enhance the look of any bag or wristlet.  Or use them as an elegant tassel holder 

These hooks will accommodate an 18mm (~3/4") inner strap width and are installed using two sturdy screws into a 15mm (3/8") depth channel hole.  The snap mechanism opens to enable latching of a 7mm thick ring and closes easily.

These are very strong hooks when installed properly; they have been tested to hold a large amount of force and weight.  

Currently only available in Glossy Nickel.

Sold in packs of two.

**Please note:  when using with shoulder straps, please ensure that you are using vinyl or leather, or something that will not stretch nor fray over time.  Due to the nature of the product being installed with screws, it is recommended that you use a strong glue to assist with adhesion of the strap to the metal inside the hole.  

Hook Dimensions:
Hook Length: 66mm (~2 5/8")
Hook Width at the Widest point:  22mm (~7/8")
Strap Thickness Accommodation: 5.5mm (~0.25")
Strap Insertion Depth Length:  15mm (3/8")