Edge-Grip Metal Handles - Two Piece Set - Sample Quality

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These unusual Edge-Grip Metal Handles are installed along the top edge of your bag or tote and paired with rolled handles.  

Very easy to install... and no cutting of your gorgeous handbag creation is required.  Simply slide the edge-grip handle into place and secure with the included six screws.  Pair with some rolled handles and you are done!!

These handles are considered to be a mid-weight application and would not be classified as heavy duty.  They are perfect for a small to medium sized bag or tote. 

Available in Warm Light Gold only.  

Please Note:  These are considered to be of Sample Quality meaning there may be faint abrasions and irregularities.  Most of these handles are in good condition and any abrasions are very very minor.  These will not be restocked once sold out and a limited supply are available.  These are considered a final sale item.

Sold in sets of two.  You will receive two metal handles with twelve frame screws and eight long screws for the rolled handles as part of this set.


Handle Dimensions:
Total Handle Dimensions:  165mm wide x 34mm high (appr.  6.5" x 4.25")
Channel Dimensions: Channel will accommodate a bag thickness of 5mm (3/16") and will be inserted a depth of 10mm (3/8").
Rolled Handle Dimensions:  Rolled Handle insert will accommodate a finished round rolled handle of 10.5mm (~3/8") in diameter.


Installation Instructions:  

  • Rolled Handles may be installed after installing Edge-Grip Metal Handle 
  • Simply slide the bag edge into the metal handle channel and secure to the bag exterior with the included screws.
  • Please note: It is recommended that HT2 Guttermann glue or similiar adhesive be used to ensure added adhesion of the handle to the bag exterior.  Simply squeeze some glue into the channel prior to inserting the bag edge into the frame.  Take care not to use too much to cause the glue to ooze out around the screw holes or sides of the channel.