CLEARANCE --- Big "O" - Strap Connectors - Pkg of Four

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Why go square for your next bag? ...  get the Big "O" - Strap Connectors!!

These "O" shaped strap connectors are kind of like a grommet but are installed on the top edge of your bag exterior.  They are ultra shiny and smooth, and are a very unique shape.  A fun deviation from the square or rectangular shaped connectors, they include a heavy duty integrated strap ring which is flat cast.

Each piece is attached to the bag top edge using three screws.  Installation of this connector is similar to the process followed when marking and cutting/punching holes to install a grommet.  Your bag strap end is attached to the strap bar on the top of the connector and the ring will accommodate a strap width of 15mm (5/8").

Sold in packs of four connectors

Inner Grommet Dimensions: 18mm wide x 21mm high (~5/8" x 7/8")
Inner Ring Dimensions: 15mm wide  x 17mm high (5/8" x  3/4") 
Outer Dimensions: 35mm wide x 58mm long
Bag Thickness accommodation: 3-4mm (~1/8")


Pale Light Gold: Model (SC-LG-0036)


To install the connector:

  • i) Along the bag top edge, mark the inner dimensions of the connector backplate (a 18mm x 21mm oval) where the connectors are to be installed.
  • ii) Cut out the marked oval just on the outside edge of your mark.
  • iii) Slide the connector in place where the oval has been cut out and ensure that the edges tuck neatly inside the grommet channel.
  • iv)  Using the connector backplate as a guide, mark the placement of the screw holes.  
  • v) Using an awl or rotary punch, punch out the screw holes.
  • vi) Slide the connector back into place, carefully matching up the screw holes.  Replace the Install the screws and attach your straps. Now you are done!!
  • Hint:  For extra grip strength, it is recommended but not necessary to apply a little glue such as Fabric-Tac or HT2 Guttermanns glue for extra adherence of the fabric to the metal connector.  Squeeze a small thin line inside the inner channel of the grommet prior to final installation.  Also, using Loc-Tite in your screw holes prior to installing the screws is also recommended.