Round "Force Fit" Double Facing Grommets - Inner Width 14.9mm (~5/8")

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Finish: Glossy Nickel
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These Double Faced "Force Fit" Grommets look great from both sides and feature a convex glossy finish. 

The curved smooth appearance in addition to the wide 6mm edge facing, provides a high end look to any bag or clutch.    

They are also perfect for clipping spring rings, trigger hooks and gate rings to your bag, clutch or wallet.

Each grommet consists of one male part and one female part, and are easily installed using a grommet press and/or a 7/16" setter and anvil.  They also have little sharp teeth on the underside of the grommet so that when they are installed, they pierce and grab your fabric or leather for added security.

Now available in Glossy Gun Metal and Bright Gold as well as Glossy Nickel and Pale Light Gold.

Inner Grommet Dimensions: 14.9mm (slightly smaller than 5/8")
Outer Dimensions: 28mm wide (1 1/8")
Height: 9mm (~3/8")
Grommets will accommodate a bag thickness of 3-4 mm.

**Available in packages of 10 or 20 sets.  You will receive one male part and one female part per set.  


Installation using Anvil and Setter:

  • Place the male part on your anvil. The male part is slightly smaller in width and will nestle within the the female part.
  • Place the female part on top of the male part and insert your setter.
  • Give the setter a couple of hard taps with a hammer or until the male part is fully inserted and flush with the female part cap.
  • Note:  To protect your grommets from being scratched and to minimize movement, it is advisable to place a small piece of fabric, cork fabric or vinyl between the grommet parts and the anvil and setter.