Rectangle "Latch" Lock

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These Rectangle "Latch" Locks are a throw back to latches you would find on a door or gate... so retro and makes for a very interesting and totally unique addition to your bag.

Well made with a glossy finish, these locks have a "gate" mechanism which slides back forth into a "bridge"  The pin when slid down into the notch locks the gate into place.

A beautiful addition to a modern and stylish satchel bag or clutch.  These work best when installed with a flap shape as shown in the image reel.



Currently only available in Glossy Nickel.

Installation:  Each lock includes a "Latch" mechanism with backplate and 1 Arch Bridge piece. 

The Arch Bridge piece is installed with 2 screws and a plated backplate that when installed is exposed on the underside of your flap. 

The "Latch" mechanism is installed with 4 screws and 1 full washer for the lock base.


Total Lock Dimensions Including Bridge:  24mm wide x 75mm long x 15mm high (~1" x ~3" x ~5/8")
Lock Base Dimensions: 24mm wide x 48mm long x 5mm high (~1" x ~2" x 5/16")
Flap Accommodation Thickness: 5mm  (1/8")