"Off-Kilter" Heart Twist Lock - New Finishes!!

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Finish: Glossy Nickel
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This glossy Heart Lock that is a little off-kilter is so trendy right now!!  

Very well made with a glossy polish finish, these locks have a slightly beveled edge and would look great on all handbags or wallets with a flap and are easily installed.

This lock has a peek-a-boo aspect and only requires you to cut holes for your screws.  The Heart piece of the Heart Lock easily is affixed to the flap and is secured by the rectangle lock mechanism around the bottom of the heart.  

Currently available in all finishes.

** Please be aware that the heart shape does not install straight up and down by default; hence the name "off-kilter".  The lock is designed and installed normally leaning a little to the left.  But with some minor adjustments during installation, can be installed fairly straight .  Please see product pictures to the left with sample application.

Installation:  Each lock includes four screws for the heart, and two screws and a washer for easy installation.    Also, with every order placed, you will receive a free Installation and Placement Guide available as a PDF download included with your Order Fulfillment.


Total Lock Dimensions:  51.6mm wide x 63mm high (2" x 2 1/2")
Heart Inner Width:  53mm (~2")
Lock Mechanism Dimensions: 22.5mm high x 10mm wide depth (3/4" x 3/8")
Flap Accommodation Thickness:  5mm (~1/8")