"Retro Horse" Novelty Twist Locks

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Finish: Smaller Horse - Pale Light Gold
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These very retro novelty Horse Twist Locks come in two sizes and have a cute star design engraved all over.

Both sizes would work well on a medium to large handbag, large clutch or cross over bag.  The smaller lock would look great on a wallet, small clutch, handbag or cross body bag.

** Please note:  The hole for the turn mechanism on both locks allows for the locks to be installed in two positions.  The turn lock being centered and square will result in the horse's front legs in a slightly upward position, while the turn lock installed slightly raised up higher on the right side, will result in the front legs being relatively square with the back legs.

Currently only available in two shades of light gold.  The Small Horse is a Pale Light Gold and the Larger Horse is a Warm Light Gold.  These are priced to sell as we will likely not be carrying them in the future.

Installation:  Each lock includes four screws and a washer for easy installation.  Very solid and well made locks.  The Larger Horse is a solid 65 grams in weight.


Larger Horse:  Lock Outer Dimensions:  86mm wide x 62mm high (3 3/8" x 2 3/8")
Flap Accommodation Thickness:  3.2mm (~1/8")

Smaller Horse:  Lock Outer Dimensions:  60mm wide x 42mm high (3 3/8" x 2 3/8")
Flap Accommodation Thickness:  3.2mm (~1/8")