CLEARANCE -- "Naked" Arc Metal Handle - Two Piece Set

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Finish: Glossy Nickel
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These awesome "Naked" Arc Metal Handles are a fun alternative to regular purse straps!

Easy to install with the included arch bridges, you can be adventurous and go "naked"!  Or for those more demure, you can add a sleeve to dress it up.   Either way, these handles are sure to spice up your bag.  They look great on medium to large size totes and handbags.  

These handles are also large enough to be hooked into the crook of your arm as well being carried by hand.  It is suggested that handle placement is installed higher to accommodate the arm crook function.

Available in Glossy Nickel and Glossy Gun Metal.

Sold in sets of two.  You will receive two metal handles, four arch bridges with four washers and screws as part of this set.


Handle Dimensions:
Total Outer Handle Dimensions:  160mm wide x 120mm high (appr.  6.5" x 4.25")
Inner Dimensions: 143mm wide x 105mm high (appr. 5 5/8" x 3 1/2")
Ring Thickness:  5mm (~1/4")


Installation Instructions:  

  • Handles must be installed prior to inserting the lining.  
  • Using the Arch Bridge washers as a guide, mark your bridge placement on your bag exterior and punch your holes using a rotary punch, awl or hole punch.  
  • Secure your arch bridge to the bag exterior by inserting one screw only, leaving enough slack so that the bridge can be moved easily.  You will need some slack to loop your handle into the arch before finishing securing with the other screw.  
  • Loop your naked or dressed handle into the bridge and slide the bridge back to line up with the remaining washer screw hole. Secure to the bag exterior using the remaining screw
  • Please note:  If you intend to dress the handle with a sleeve, this must be done prior to installation to the bag exterior.  Sleeves must be wide enough to fit over the circle loops found at the end of each side of the handle.  Adding to foam to the sleeve may be desirable for added comfort.