Hexagon Screw Rivets/Purse Feet - 15mm - Package of 10

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Finish: Glossy Nickel
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These are gorgeous Hexagon Shaped Screw Rivets that feature a six-sided 15mm wide rivet base that stand 7mm high.

They can accommodate a bag thickness of  3-4 mm, and have a screw post of 7mm, which is screwed into the rivet head.

Available in a highly reflective polished finish in five finishes:  Glossy Nickel, Light Gold, Gun Metal, Rolled Antique Brass and Glossy Chrome plating.

These hexagon rivets are not solid cast; they feature a hollowed out underside.

Very easy to install and would make for incredible purse feet.

These are sold in sets of 10; meaning you will receive 10 screw rivet caps and 10 matching finish screw posts.

Rivet Head: 15mm x 15mm wide x 7mm high (17mm point to point)
Screw Post: 7mm wide x 7mm high
Thickness Accommodation: 3-4mm