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  • Tear Drop Grommet Ring Strap Connectors - Pack of Four
  • Tear Drop Grommet Ring Strap Connectors - Pack of Four
  • Tear Drop Grommet Ring Strap Connectors - Pack of Four

Tear Drop Grommet Ring Strap Connectors - Pack of Four

Tear Drop Grommet Ring Strap Connectors - Pack of Four

$7.00 USD



These Tear Drop Grommet O'Ring Strap Grommets combine the functionality of a grommet with an attached ring.  These integrated grommets and rings are perfect for holding bag handles or straps.  The Grommet has a unique teardrop like shape with a smooth shiny finish and is paired with a thick heavy duty O'Ring.  

These are perfect for large totes or handbags with a recessed zipper or magnetic snap closure and will require a strap handle width of 22mm (7/8").  The Grommet will accommodate a bag thickness of 4.5mm - 5.0mm.  Paired with long straps or an eyelet 

Available in Light Gold plating with other finishes to be added soon.

Installation:  each piece contains 2 grommet plates (back & front) with 2 screws and 1 removable ring.  Each connector comes in one piece meaning the grommet will have the ring already attached.  

    • To install these grommets, the thick o'ring will need to be removed from the grommet pins.  A set of Chain Pliers are the perfect tool for doing this; they will facilitate the opening and closing of the ring.  
    • It is recommended that the top of the grommet be installed 6mm (1/4") down from the top bag edge to allow for clearance of the ring once the handbag strap handle is installed.  
    • The grommet is easily installed the same way as other grommets.  
      • Using the grommet backplate, carefully trace the outline of the grommet and screw holes onto your bag exterior using a fabric pen, leather pen or chalk pencil.
      • Using scissors and/or a punch, cut out your marked holes.  I typically cut1 -2 mm beyond the outside of the grommet hole marking as the thickness of the hardware and pen make the hole slightly smaller than the hole needed to install the grommet.  Don't forget about the screw holes!
      •  After cutting your hole, you may want to use Fray Check to keep your fabric from fraying.
      • Prior to installing the grommet, apply a small amount of glue on the back of the grommet.  Align the grommet front piece with the grommet hole, making sure the exterior fabric is tucked out of the way.  Place your grommet backplate on the bag interior and install the screws.
    • Once you have installed your grommet piece, the ring prongs are slipped into holes on either side of the grommet near the top. Place one ring prong into the front grommet pin hole and using the chain pliers, squeeze the other ring pin into the grommet pin hole on the back of the grommet.  Once you have the prongs installed, give the ring a strong squeeze to minimize the prong gap on each side of the hole.  
    • Your handles may be secured to the ring prior to attaching them to the grommet.


Sold in a set of four connectors.

Total Connector Dimensions:  57mm long x 30mm wide (at the widest point) 
Grommet Dimensions:  40mm wide x 33mm high
Inner Grommet Hole Dimension:  12mm x 11mm
Grommet Thickness Accommodation:  4.5 - 5.0mm
Ring Dimensions:  40mm x 30mm
Inner Ring Strap Dimensions:  26mm high x 31mm wide

Light Gold Plating - Model (SC-LG-0029)




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