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  • Tassel Holder and Plate Kits
  • Tassel Holder and Plate Kits

Tassel Holder and Plate Kits

Tassel Holder and Plate Kits

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Now offering our popular Tassel Plates with Trigger Cord End Kits in Glossy Nickel, Light Gold and Gun Metal as Hardware Kits

These tassel hardware kits include one rectangle tassel plate and one trigger cord end.

Tassel Plate Details
Each plate contains two prongs and is easily installed using the included metal washer.   The plate can be installed either horizontally or vertically.   Ensure your installation of the plate and cord end takes into account the height of your tassel length. 

Plate Dimensions:  40mm long x 18mm wide (1 9/16"  x ~3/4") 
Inner Ring Dimensions:  15mm (9/16")


Tassel Holder
Each piece is easily installed using two long thin screws.  Strong glue or permanent adhesive is highly suggested to be used in conjunction with the screws.  Simply squeeze a small amount of glue into the bell shape end opposite to the screw holes, and insert your handle end or tassel.  Gently turn the handle/tassel inside the bell, making sure not to force glue out of the screw holes. Then install screws.  
Outer Cord End Dimensions:  50mm long x 18mm wide (at the base) 
Inner Bell Dimensions:  15mm


Glossy Nickel Plating - Model (HK-GN-0002)
Light Gold Plating - Model (HK-LG-0002)
Gun Metal Plating - Model (HK-GM-0002)


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