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  • Semi-Circle Grommet Handles - Metal Alloy

Semi-Circle Grommet Handles - Metal Alloy

Semi-Circle Grommet Handles - Metal Alloy

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These gorgeous and unique Metal Grommet Handles have a distinct semi-circle design and are a great size.  These handles are double-faced "grommets", meaning they are finished on both sides which provide a finished and professional appearance for your application.  

They are sold in a set of two handles (one pair) and will look great on clutches or full-size handbags.

These grommet handles are different than most other styles as the handle sits on the top edge of your bag.  It is highly suggested to reinforce the area where the handle is to be installed with Peltex or a firm stabilizer to provide a reinforced area for the handle, as it will be bearing the weight of the bag and its contents.

Installation Instructions:  This handle will require a semi-circle to be cut out from the center of the bag much like you would install a grommet.  Remove the back plate of the handle along with the screws.  The top edge of the handle has a lip which will rest on the top edge of your bag.  Once placement has been decided, trace the inner semi-circle shape onto your bag exterior and mark your screw holes.   Carefully cut out the semi-circle shape and make your screw holes.  

Dimensions (Approximate):
Outside Dimensions: 150mm wide x 70mm high (6" wide x 3" high)
Inner Dimensions:  100mm wide x 55mm high (4" long x 2.25" high)


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