CLEARANCE -- #5 Zipper Slider and Pull (Locking) - Metal Teeth - Style O

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Finish: Light Gold
Style: Style O
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-------------------  CLEARANCE -- Inventory Reduction ---------------------------

This is a listing for various High-End Zipper Sliders with Nickel or Light Gold finishes.  These sliders are in pristine condition; we just need to make room for some new styles arriving soon. 

These Style O #5 Metal Zipper Slider and Pull Sets are so elegant with a rectangle pull and dash of corrugated design.

This slider/pull is a locking slider which means they have a small mechanism inside that prevents the slider from moving unless the slider's tab is pulled. You can see this mechanism engage inside the zipper as you move the pull-tab.

These are to be used with #5 Metal Teeth Zippers, and are currently only available in Glossy Nickel and Light Gold finishes.

 We also sell #5 Metal Teeth Zippers to match.  Check out our collection here:

#5 Metal Teeth Zipper Tape