CLEARANCE -- Oval Grommet Strap Connectors - Set of Four

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Finish: Glossy Nickel
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These Oval Grommet Strap Connectors combine the functionality of a grommet with an attached Strap Holder for Corded/Rouleau Handles.  Their unique and modern design allow for versatility in their application... while intended to be used as strap connectors, they also make great tassel holders!!

The top of the oval grommet is smooth and glossy, with a notched section in the centre to  connect the unique D-Ring Corded End.  The cord end ring has a cylinder ball which sits inside the grommet, similar to a loose ball joint.  The design of the holder allows for the strap connector to have range of motion but will still keep your strap firmly intact.

These are perfect for totes or handbags with a recessed zipper or magnetic snap closure and will require a corded strap handle diameter of 19mm (~3/4").  The Oval Grommet will accommodate a bag thickness of 4mm.

Strap Connector Installation:  Each connector comes in two pieces: the Oval Grommet and the D-Ring Cord End.  

    • It is recommended that the top edge of the grommet be installed 3-5mm (1/8") down from the top bag edge to allow for clearance of the ring once the handbag strap handle is installed.  
    • You must also ensure that your bag thickness is adequate enough to allow for the teeth on the grommet plates to be able to dig into the bag fabric.  Use foam, stabilizer or Peltex in this area to increase the thickness if required.
    • Once you have cut out your grommet holes for the center and screws, but before you screw the front and back plates together, slip your ball joint d-ring into place from the front side.  It will sit/rest inside the grommet center hole.  Then squeezing the front and back grommet plates tightly (you will hear a tiny click noise), replace your screws and tighten the plates together.
    • I recommend using Loctite in your grommet screws to keep them from gradually unscrewing.  And a little bit of glue or bonding agent on both sides on the grommet plate to aid in securing the grommet to the bag exterior.  Just be careful not to use any on the top half of the grommet where the d-ring will be installed.
    • Your corded handles may be secured to the cord ends prior to inserting them into the grommet hole.  Two long pointed screws are screwed through the cord handle substrate which will keep them very secure.

 Tassel Holder Instructions:

    • You may follow the same instructions as above but disregard the placement measurements given.  The grommet may be installed at any height but add your tassel length to the overall connector length (70mm / 2.75") to determine the best place to install.
    • You may also wish to add a backing fabric or leather behind the grommet hole as you will have cut out the bag exterior for the grommet and will have a small hole.
Total Connector Dimensions:  70mm long  x 44mm wide (at the widest point)  (2.75" x ~1.75")
Grommet Dimensions:  44mm wide x 34mm high
Inner Grommet Hole Dimension:  10mm x 15mm
Grommet Thickness Accommodation:  4mm

Ring Dimensions:  56mm x 24mm
Inner Cord End Dimensions:  19mm diameter x 25mm deep with an angled end

Glossy Nickel Plating - Model(SC-GN-00016)
Light Gold Plating - Model (SC-LG-0016)