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Five Yard Zipper Bundles plus 15 Sliders --- #5 Two-Way High-End Zipper Tape ---Dark Chocolate Brown with Antique Brass/Bronze

Five Yard Zipper Bundles plus 15 Sliders --- #5 Two-Way High-End Zippe

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Antique Brass/Bronze


Save 25% when you purchase this bundle listing for 5 YARDS of High-End Two-Way #5 Antique Brass/Bronze Metal Teeth with DARK BROWN Zipper Tape.  Bundle also includes 15 zipper sliders in a matching finish.

two-way zipper, also called as a double or a dual, is a zipper that can be closed or opened in two opposite directions at the same time, meaning you can install your sliders from both ends.  

Our high-end tape are made with metal "corn" styled teeth and have the teeth very close together with very little of the the zipper tape showing between teeth.  Along with the polished smooth nature of our tape teeth, this tape is perfect for applications where you need to install a zipper in a curve or just need a really smooth gliding zipper. 

Five Yard bundles with Dark Brown Zipper Tape with polished Antique Brass/Bronze Teeth are currently only available in the following options:

  • Polished Antique Brass/Bronze with Style G Slider/Pull
  • Polished Antique Brass/Bronze with Style C Slider/Pull

** Sold in 5 Yard bundles in Continuous Lengths meaning if you order a quantity of two, you will receive two bundles of 5 Yard lengths of Zipper Tape.  You will also receive 15 slider/pulls in a corresponding finish with each bundle.

The nature of this product makes it perfect for high-end luggage, leather and Cork handbags, Leather jackets, Fabric coats, Jeans, pants and other garments where a reliable zipper is required.

And our Zipper Tape can also be paired with YKK, Riri and Pacanna brand sliders as well.

Tape and Teeth Dimensions:
Tape Width:  32mm zipper tape width (or 1.25")
Teeth Size:  #5 Metal Teeth / 5mm Metal Teeth

Teeth Metal Composition:  
Our teeth are made of copper, and are plated with a bright shiny finish.  

Note:  These are not Aluminum Teeth, but smooth Glossy Antique Brass/Bronze "Corn" Teeth which enable the Zipper Slider to slide easily.

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