Sword/Dagger and Chain Twist Lock

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These glossy Dagger and Chain Locks are so on trend right now!!  Famous Chloe brand handbags have been incorporating these locks into many of their recent handbag designs.

These locks look great on all handbags with a flap and require a 58mm drop clearance length in order to be able to install the lock properly.

Lock is secured by inserting the dagger chain into the key hole and/or twisting perpendicular to the lock

Please note:  These now have pronged backs instead of installing with screws and a washer.  

Installation:  Each lock includes two washers for easy installation. The long sword plate is installed by sliding the flap edge into the 25mm channel, and then secured using two screws and a backplate. The lock base plate is then installed on the bag main exterior.

 Locks are sold Singularly, in Four Packs and in Ten Packs.

Total Lock Dimensions: 24mm wide x 58.5mm long x 18mm high
Lock Grommet Plate Channel Dimensions: 4mm depth
Sword Chain Length: ~130mm long


Glossy Nickel Plating - Model (TWL-GN-0010)


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